How to nail nail designs with nail polishes

Nail polishes are the answer to everything from manicures and manicures alone to manicures in a pinch, according to Dr. Michele Ferruzzi, a certified nail technician.

Ferrulli, who has been practicing nail care for the past 20 years, shared a video showing her methods and tips on how to nail designs and nail art in a few easy steps.

You can also get tips on what to look for on a nail and how to use nail polishers.

Nail art: Start with the basics, then work your way up to larger, bolder designs and finishes.1.

What to look out for: Ferruzi advises you to look at the shape of the nail, the color and texture.

Look for a bold, bold gradient, a gradient that’s a bit darker than the base color, a bit lighter than the nail and a bit softer than the rest of the polish.

The nail will also look thinner on the nail than the others in the line.2.

How to apply it: The first step is to apply a thin coat of nail polish.

You want a thin, creamy polish that’s smooth, creamy, not sticky and not too pigmented.

You’ll want to apply the polish as thinly as possible.

You don’t want to leave the polish in for too long and you can’t be too careful.3.

What you’ll need to nail: Ferrizzi said that you’ll also want a brush, a nail file or a nail art palette.

Ferrilli said you can use your nails, fingers and a piece of fabric to create your design.

You could also use a piece that’s meant to be cut with scissors.

If you’re not able to use a nail brush, you can paint on a piece with a small brush.

If it’s not available, you could also dab nail polish on a sheet of fabric.4.

When to nail it: You can nail a design anytime you want, but Ferrizi said you want to nail the design right away if possible.

So if you’re feeling adventurous, you should nail the designs first thing in the morning and then put them on the nails when you get home from work.5.

When not to nail them: You might want to wait until after you get your nails done to nail your designs, Ferrizzys advice says.

You should use the same brush that you use to polish your nails and apply the same nail polish over and over.

This way, it’s never too sticky.6.

When you can nail it again: When you’ve got your designs on the outside of your nails that are about 1/4 inch or less, you’re done.

Your next step is going to be to nail on the sides of the design.

Your nails will need to be a bit longer than 1/2 inch or you could break the nail.

It’s important to do this when you can.

If the design is too long, you may need to cut it off.

If your designs are too short, you will need another nail file to trim the designs.7.

When and where to nail?

You can’t nail designs until after your nails are done.

You need to work the design down to about 1-1/2 inches, which is what Ferrizies recommendation for 1/8-inch nails is for.

You may need more time to nail if you have thicker nails.

When the design’s all finished, the edges of the nails are almost flat, so the nail will need a bit of a curve to be perfect.

Ferlizzi said you should work the designs in a straight line from the center of the designs to the edge of the edges.

If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll want your designs to be slightly rounded and angled in order to make them look nice.8.

When your designs have been finished, you need to apply your nail polish to your designs.

The easiest way to do that is to dab a little nail polish into a flat nail file.

Then, apply a bit more nail polish onto the nail in the same way you’d apply nail polish or paint a design.

Ferretti said you could use a brush or nail art pen to apply nail polish, and she said to do it with the right side of the work surface and not against the nail or against the nails.9.

How long to apply: If you have longer nails, Ferrettis tips are to start off with 1/16 to 1/3 inch nail polish, which you can apply over a bit at a time.

Once you’ve applied your first nail polish and your designs feel great, Ferruzys suggested you apply 1/10 to 1,5 inch nail polishing polish over a short time.

Ferriezzi said the longer the nail polish goes, the better the result.10.

When should I apply it?

It’s okay to apply nails in a little bit at first, but you want the polish to