How to dress your body for life

A woman who is a designer will never be perfect, but a woman who has made it to the top of the fashion world will have a better sense of style than most women in their 50s and 60s. 

In this interview with Living Life magazine, Lillian Hargreaves, the creator of the blog Gel Nail Designs, shares her tips for dressing your body to stay in style throughout your life.

Hargraves is one of the most influential female designers of her generation. 

She was a designer herself for years, and she still lives in a designer bubble. 

But in this interview, Hargrey shares the secrets to dressing your best.

She has the most beautiful and inspiring life stories in the world, and her insights have shaped her life and her work. 

Hargrey is also a social entrepreneur, a teacher, and a writer. 

You can learn more about her here. 

Lillian Harrings’ latest book, The Gel Nails Interviews, is available now.