How to design your baby’s first pair of glasses

The new generation of designer baby glasses is coming and with it the first pair for men.

A new generation!

The brand, which sells its glasses exclusively on its website, recently unveiled its first pair in men’s designer sunglasses.

While it doesn’t sell the glasses directly, it does sell the eyewear that the baby wears to protect his eyes.

The glasses have a plastic shell with a mesh lining around the eye, which is also designed to protect the child from sunburn.

They are available in two styles: the first style is a regular size, which you can choose from, and the second is a larger size, called the X-Large.

The X-large is the size that the child wears with the glasses on.

It also includes an adjustable strap that allows for a more comfortable fit.

The baby’s parents also get to choose from a range of options, such as a light blue or a dark blue for the first color.

The new style of designer glasses also includes a pair of baby socks, which will be sold separately.

There are also baby strollers, baby stroller bags and a baby carrier that can also be used to carry the baby.

The first pair are expected to hit shelves in the spring.

For now, you can buy them on, but you’ll have to wait a few months for them to hit stores.

We also recently reviewed the new Philips baby glasses and we’ll be updating this article with our impressions once they’re available.

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