How do I choose fabric designs for a shirt?

I know I’m going to have to go with the same fabric design I used on my shirt, but here’s some advice: I like to use a combination of fabrics.

Here are my favorites: cotton/wool blend is great for casual wear, it’s lightweight and comfortable.

It’s a lot less breathable than wool, which is great because it has more of a breathability than a more durable yarn.

cotton is also the least expensive.

It’ll last for a while, but not as long as wool.

wool is best for work, but it doesn’t have the breathability.

A nice blend of both is a great choice for casual and workwear.

I think cotton is the best, but I like the color combination too.

If you’re going to wear the shirt on the weekends, try a blend of wool and cotton.

You’ll have more flexibility in what fabrics you wear it on.

If that’s not your thing, there are a lot of other fabrics out there that are great for workwear, as well.

Here’s a few I love: a combination cotton/silk blend, with a blend in the center of the fabric.

You can use a mix of silk and cotton, which can be very comfortable for long work sessions.

a blend between cotton and linen, which you can wear all day, but still be warm enough for work.

cotton blends well with linen, too.

linen has the same properties as wool, but is softer.

You don’t have to choose a blend that you’ll feel comfortable with, it just makes sense for you.

The only other fabric I’d consider a combination is linen with linen.

It doesn’t really feel like a fabric, but when you pull it on, it feels soft and comfortable enough for most everyday use. 

I’ve been wearing a mix and matching pattern throughout the summer and fall, and it’s worked out really well for me.

I’ve found that the pattern on a shirt works best with a lot more colors than a single color on the shirt, because the colors will blend together into a cohesive design. 

The best part about this method is that you can mix and match patterns without looking like a total fool.

You will look your best in a variety of clothes, so you can work in and out of a shirt that’s more tailored to your body.