What you need to know about nail design

A nail design that looks cool and is easy to use is crucial for a designer, a brand director said on Tuesday.

“You want to make a product that will stand out, you want to create a product for your brand and for the customers,” said Sanjay Singh, chief creative officer of Mumbai-based nail company, Essie.

The nail design team at Essie has spent the last few years designing its own nail art, which is meant to give a unique look to products.

“When we are designing a product, we have a specific idea, and then we start sketching, drawing and creating.

We then design the design on a 3D printer and then make a few final cuts,” he said.

Essie’s nail art is based on a mix of traditional Chinese and American design principles, and the company’s nail designs are designed by local artists who work at the design studio.

“It’s a process of trial and error, of trying different angles and colours, so it’s a great way to learn about the craft of nail art,” Singh said.

The company’s designers and artists are tasked with designing a range of different nail designs, including the most common nail designs.

“We do a lot of different things.

We use various materials, from sand to acrylic to a few other things.

For example, a lot our designs are made out of acrylic and sand and then made out from some of our most popular colours, like red and yellow,” Singh explained. 

According to Singh, the company has been a mainstay of the Mumbai fashion scene for about 10 years now.

“The mainstay for us is the nail design and our customers love it.

It’s their signature.

They don’t want to go out of style,” he added.

The design process for Essie is extremely thorough.

Every design needs to be carefully reviewed, and designs are tested and improved on a regular basis.

“Our nail artists are trained in nail design,” Singh added. 

“When a design is finished, we will send it to the nail artist for final touch ups,” he explained.

“Then we will create a video for the customer, who can then choose a colour for the design,” he told Times of Indian. 

As of January this year, Ess, which has more than 100,000 customers, has more customers than Apple, which sells the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The brand has also partnered with luxury retailer, H&M, to create nail art accessories.