How to make your own hockey banner design using the Cricut site

Easy pumpkin designs for hockey fans, is a popular site that allows you to make custom hockey banners with the ease of Photoshop.

Here are the easy pumpkin design tips you can use to make one of your own.

How to make a pumpkin banner design with the Clicut siteHere’s how to create your own custom hockey banner using the simple Adobe Photoshop CS5 program:Create your pumpkin banner using your favorite color, the same color as the banner you want to use, or another similar color.

In this example, I used a dark blue background.

Create a gradient by drawing two vertical lines that connect the two halves of the pumpkin.

Set the gradient to white.

Use a light background color to fill in the gaps.

When you’re finished, place the border and the border color on the border area.

Add an outline for the border to make it more recognizable.

Add a decorative border around the borders and border color.

Here’s a picture of the final result:If you have any questions about how to make the perfect hockey banner, you can ask me on Twitter, or check out the Cicsider Flickr page.