How a Viking Bedroom Design Idea Became a Halloween Costume

This Halloween, you can wear your heart on your sleeve.

If you can, get ready to make a new friend in this creative new design idea.

This year, we’re taking the inspiration for the Viking bedroom design from Scandinavian designs and casting a heart-shaped pumpkin carving for your Halloween decoration.

The design was created by Danish-born designer Daniel Nilsen.

You can watch the video above to see it in action, or read more about it in his blog post here.

The inspiration for this project was a trip to the Scandinavian countryside in Sweden, where he lived.

He decided to use the design to create an experience for the family he’s raised.

He says he wanted to make the Viking design an intimate place for the guests, but he didn’t want to make it too scary, either.

“I wanted it to be a bit more scary than normal, but not too scary.

That’s why we didn’t go to the scary part,” he says.

The design was inspired by a trip he took to Norway, where his mother grew up.

He loved the country, so he thought it was a perfect choice to make his bedroom as he would have it in Norway.

“There are many reasons to make these kinds of beds.

One is to create a cozy and comfortable place for you and your family, and to get some rest.

The other reason is to feel like you’re on holiday, which is why I wanted to recreate a Norwegian bed,” he explains.

Nilsen says the design was born out of his love for the Scandinavian design tradition, and he wanted something unique to help his family in a time when the holidays were so busy and the family is busy with work and household duties.

“It’s very hard to find time in a busy schedule for family gatherings, so I wanted something that had something special,” he recalls.

Nilensen says he’s been inspired by Scandinavian architecture and Scandinavian art since he was a child.

He has a passion for the Nordic art form, so it was natural for him to create this bed design inspired by that tradition.

Numerous Scandinavian countries have a strong cultural tradition of Viking-inspired designs, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

These Scandinavian designs are seen as some of the most beautiful and unique in the world, so Nilsens is pleased to have been able to bring this Viking-like design to life.

“This bed design is something I’ve always wanted to create,” he tells us.

“The idea of creating this bed is inspired by the Scandinavian tradition, which I’ve never really understood and which I’m passionate about.”

He says the project took about three months to complete, and it took two weeks to create.

“After the Christmas holidays, it was time to start my work,” he admits.

“But I also wanted to use a piece of art that has a little bit of history and which has a lot of Scandinavian heritage, so the bed is a tribute to the traditions.”

We’ve featured some of Nilsins best Halloween decor designs before, including the Swedish bed and the Viking-themed table, so expect more in the coming weeks.