When is the next Crypto Coin update coming?

The next Crypto-currency update will be announced this month and it will be called “Blockchain 2.0”, a nod to the fact that the technology behind blockchain is now mature enough to be used for real-world applications.

The announcement is likely to be announced at the Citi Black Friday 2017 conference in New York on March 10, 2017.

The latest blockchain update was first revealed in October and is currently being used by companies and institutions around the world.

The current state of the blockchain is far from perfect, however.

In order to make transactions in the blockchain, the miners need to be paid in bitcoin.

It is also impossible to transact with the blockchain unless a transaction has already been recorded on the network, which is not easy to do.

With the introduction of bitcoin to the cryptocurrency market, miners were able to make huge profits, which are being used to support the growth of blockchain applications.

The new version of the crypto-currency has a new name, the blockchain 2.x, which will be a full-fledged version of bitcoin.

This will allow for an increase in the block size, which the industry hopes will bring more speed and efficiency to the process.

The blockchain is currently only able to hold 1MB of data, but in the future it is hoped that it will grow to 8MB, which could help improve the blockchain’s scalability.

A recent paper by the Bitcoin Foundation showed that the blockchain could potentially handle up to 20 terabytes of data in the next few years.

This could make it possible to process payments and record transactions on the blockchain faster than ever before, and it could even allow for faster, more accurate and more efficient payments.