Why I hate cross tattoos

I’m in the middle of an obsession with cross tattoos.

It started when I got my first tattoo, and it never ends.

When I had my second, it got even more extreme.

The cross tattoos are so much more intense.

They’re like a dream.

I feel like I have to get rid of them every day, because it’s just getting to the point where it’s a constant.

Cross tattoos are just one of the things I’ve got to keep doing to get a tattoo done.

You’ve got your nails on one side, you’ve got a cross on the other.

And the cross is the symbol for me.

If you look at the picture, you can see it’s almost like a cross.

But then I think about it.

Because my dad and my mum are both jewellers, and I’ve always loved cross designs.

My mum was always a collector of crosses and jewellery.

She’d always have a piece or two in the drawer of the jeweller.

So when I was a little kid, I’d put them in the jewellery box, and they’d always come out the next day.

Sometimes I’d have them in my hand and it would look like they were from somewhere, but then I’d ask the jeweller, ‘Is that cross?’

He’d say, ‘It’s from the cross.

What’s that?’

I’d have to explain it to him.

Then it would go away.

It would just be there.

But I’d still look at it and be like, ‘Oh, that’s what it looks like.’

I just love cross designs, I love them.

Afterwards, they’d go out of style and they would never come back.

I think it’s been like that ever since.

We have a very limited number of crosses, so we have to find a way of making them work.

I’ve had to look at different cross designs to see what I could do.

Once you’ve found something, you have to keep it. 

When I was in my teens, I had this one, a red one, with an orange cross on it.

It was just such a beautiful piece.

Now it’s become a bit of a thing.

I still have a few pieces of it, and the ones I do have are just so much fun.

I’m really into the cross design.

That’s what I really love about it, it’s such a cool design, and you can’t really go wrong with a cross tattoo.