How to get the right fit for your interior design school

With a focus on sustainability, design school programs are designed to encourage students to spend time with their families and build social connections.

But many of the designs that are featured in the magazine have a decidedly non-traditional look to them, with pieces like a giant skateboard, a kitchen and a flower shop all set up in a traditional style.

In a new article in the January issue of the publication, designer Ewa Zolanski says the aim of her design school program is to create something unique that can appeal to people from different backgrounds and to teach them how to make their own designs.

“I want to use different materials for different things,” she says.

“For example, the flower shop is made of bamboo, but it also has an iron core.”

Zolanski and her students will work with local artists and designers to create unique projects inspired by the landscape of Jerusalem.

They’ll also work with a few of the region’s top chefs to produce food that they think will be unique and fun to eat.

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