Happy Summer nail designs,easy tips for summer nail art

The Irish weather in May is usually very hot.

The sun is just beginning to come out.

It’s a beautiful time to get into the nail art game and it is a perfect time to experiment with some nail art ideas that will help you create the perfect Summer nail design.

Here are some easy tips for creating Summer nail art designs that will keep your nails looking stunning for days.


Lay out your nail art in a horizontal pattern.

If you are planning to put your nails on the floor, lay them out in a straight line.


Don’t forget to add a splash of color.

When you put your nail on your feet, add a small dab of color to the surface.


When it’s time to put on your summer nails, apply a splash or two of color on the back of your nail.

The back of the nail is where the majority of the color will be applied.


Don the glittery nail polish.

This is a must if you want to create the look of summer nails.

This color is great for the summer, it gives the design a unique feel.


Choose the color for your nails.

Some people choose to use the same color for all their nails, but this is not always the case.

If your nails are a little lighter in color, you can add a little more shimmer in your color to add to the effect.


Select your nail design style.

Some designers like to use a gradient for their summer nail designs.

This style of design will create a very natural look for the nail.


Make sure your nails match your skin tone.

Some women are known for having thicker nails than their lighter counterparts.

Make a sure you choose the color that looks most natural for you.


Make it a little bit fun.

Make your nail designs a little fun.

It might not be your typical summer nail design, but it will give you an idea of what the rest of the Summer is all about.

Happy Summer nails!