NFL teams’ new kitchen design is ‘simple, elegant’

The NFL’s New Orleans Saints are going to be getting their own kitchen design from a company called Cinnabon Kitchen Concepts.

They’re working on the design for a “classic” kitchen with an all-white interior and a “very simple, elegant design” that “takes into account the essentials of our NFL team’s culture.”

The Saints’ first interior design, in 2009, had a simple black-and-white design with white cabinets, a white countertop and a white wall-to-wall carpet.

But in 2014, the Saints were awarded a $25 million contract to design their entire team’s home.

Cinnacos kitchen is the third home Cinnabs kitchen has designed, following the home of Saints’ wide receiver Kenny Stills and Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan’s.

A Cinnablos designer told USA Today that “The goal was to be more contemporary, but still elegant and classic.”

Cinnabios will be taking over the Saints’ kitchen and dining room in 2018, after the Saints announced that the Saints had signed former Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart.