New car is based on the Carolina designs

CAROLINA, S.C. — Carolina Design Group, the company behind the new car, is taking inspiration from the iconic “Carolina Dream,” a 1960s car designed by the Carolina Design Foundation to honor Carolinas children.

“Carolinas Dream” is a 1960’s-era Mercedes Benz sedan with Carolina license plates, which the company says it’s “designed for the modern consumer looking to connect to the past with the latest technologies and a wide range of colors.”

The company says the car is inspired by the classic Carolina Dream, which featured a red and blue paint scheme that was used on many of the cars in the 1960s.

The new car is a version of the original model that’s more modern and more spacious, says Carolina Design, and the interior will have a “luxury feel.”

The car is “a vehicle of the future for a global audience,” says Carolinas Design founder and CEO, Paul Hines.

“Our goal is to take our Carolina Dream into the 21st century, creating a car that embodies the rich history of our state, while continuing to meet the needs of our consumers.”

The new Carolina Dream is expected to hit dealerships in 2019.

“The idea is to give the consumer the ability to connect with the heritage and tradition of the state of Carolina,” Hines says.

The Carolina Dream was originally a one-off project by the foundation to honor the children of Carolinas’ mayors.

The original car is now in the hands of the car showroom of Charlotte-based Lincoln Motorsports, and it will be on display at the Charlotte International Auto Show this week.