NFL: I-10, I-70 bridge redesigns,traffic signals and more on NFL’s website

Updated October 12, 2019 12:33:10A new design for the I-40 overpass in Philadelphia, which was built by the Philadelphia Eagles to connect the city with Interstate 270, is now getting some major attention.

The design, called the I40 Overpass, features a glass canopy to create a new look for the area, which is now known as the I70 Overpass.

The new design is a bold move by the city to improve the appearance of the city’s roadways.

The project includes a glass structure on the bridge that is now visible from the I60 bridge over I-95 in the west.

The glass structure was also designed to reduce glare and make it easier for pedestrians to navigate through the area.

The I-80 Overpass also has glass, but that is not visible in the design, and it will be removed in a few years, said City Council President Steve Stitt.