Cornhole board design wins best design award at 2017 World Cornhole Championships

A cornhole board with a logo of a person or animal that has been placed over a hole in a wall.

The design was created by a team of three designers, including one who is an Indian-origin Indian-Australian.

It is one of a few such designs from the 2018 tournament, where the team behind the design won the competition for best design.

The winner of the competition, Akshay Kishore, was a fellow Indian-born Indian-American, who worked with him on the design.

Akshay’s team has made the logo of the Indian-Aussie team visible in the design, which has been designed by an American, Andrew O’Hagan, in collaboration with a team in the US.

The designs are not the only ones that have won medals in the World Cornhill Championships.

A group of four designers from the UK, Germany, Italy and France have also been recognised.