Woman in business card designs business card,principle of design

A woman in her mid-30s designed the business card of the city of Henna, Wisconsin, for a local grocery chain.

The design, which the Henna City Council approved Monday, was inspired by the company’s new logo.

Henna Mayor Chris Stokes said he wanted the new logo to evoke the history of the company, which was founded in 1868.

He said the city has been a pioneer in the use of a woman in the design, especially with regard to women in business.

He noted the card is an official City of Hennean business card and not a political one.

The card, which is currently in use by more than 400 businesses, features a photograph of a Henna woman wearing a business card with her name and address, the mayor said.

It also features a Henneans traditional name, the name of the town, a picture of a henna tattoo and the word “Henna.”