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The UK is in the midst of a major redesign, which could lead to some of the world’s most beautiful buildings being demolished.

The city is currently planning for a massive new airport in Oxfordshire, and while the city is well on its way to achieving its ambitious 2020 goal of having an airport that can handle an annual capacity of 10 million passengers, a new report by Design Spaces suggests the airport may well have to be bigger.

In an interview with Design Spaces, architects and urban planners at the British Design Academy, which has been tasked with designing the city’s new airport, said that the city needed to rethink the way it works.

“We are already in a phase where we need to think about how we can be more efficient with energy and transport, we need a more efficient way of doing things, and I think that the current model of airports that are in place today is not working,” said Matthew Smith, chief executive of Design Spaces.

He said the city had to rethink how it operates, and create a new approach to how airports operate.

While the airport’s design will not be done until next year, Smith said it was a good start.

And he added that a lot of the new designs will not go down well with locals.

Smith said that while the airport was going to be massive, there was a big debate within the city about how to design the city around the airport.

As an example, he cited a proposal for a new neighbourhood called Broughton Square.

This would see new shops, a food court, a cinema and an aquarium, but the majority of the buildings would be empty, said Smith.

Design Spaces is a non-profit organisation that works to help cities transform their design through design.

Its latest report, “Designing the Future of Urbanism: The Design of the Future for London”, is due to be released later this year.

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