‘Mama’ on sale in France – TV3

Louis Vuitton’s new book ‘Mumma’ will be on sale on TV3 starting Sunday, with the cover design of designer Louise Vuitton, featuring the face of the woman behind the brand’s iconic logo.

The book, with illustrations by the Italian designer, will be sold in bookstores and online, and will include a booklet with exclusive details on the fashion and fashion history of the brand.

Louise Vuitton has been a longtime fan of the fashion industry and has been working on a collection of clothing inspired by her own life experiences, including the fashion she wore to visit her mother in Paris.

In 2005, she married designer and entrepreneur Jean-Paul Gaultier, who she described as the “father of womenswear” and whose work was influenced by her love of fashion.

In 2011, Vuitton was named as one of the top five fashion designers in the world by GQ magazine.

The designer was also the subject of an award-winning documentary by Gaultiers family titled ‘Mamas and Baby’.

The book is a collection that has been designed by Vuitton herself, and the design team has worked closely with Gaultaire’s design studio to ensure the book will be visually striking and authentic.

A full collection of Vuitton womens fashion will be available to purchase on television3 from the end of the month.