How to Make a Butterfly Nail Design with a Giga-Powered Desktop

The Butterfly nail design by Gina K is a classic, but a few years ago, its creator came up with an entirely new, more futuristic version.

Today, she shares her tips for creating the ultimate butterfly nail art.

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“I wanted to use a desktop to create the nail art and I was thinking about how you could use the desktop as a canvas for creating your designs,” Gina K told Mashable.

“I had some ideas about how to use the desktops as canvas for a design and that was my first design.”

Gina K was inspired by the works of the artist and painter Anna Louise.

“It’s very easy to look at and it’s very beautiful,” Gina said.

“You can make your designs, you can use the monitor as a brush, you could make a butterfly nail and you could even use the wallpaper as a background.”

So Gina K started thinking about the butterfly nail as an extension of her original design, which was a cross between a butterfly and a pencil.

“We were just trying to capture the look of butterflies in a desktop,” Gina explained.

“So we made a design that looks like a butterfly.”

To create the perfect design, Gina needed to know how to make the nail design with a powerful desktop.

“When I started to create it, I had a lot of ideas about what kind of desktop I wanted to make it,” Gina added.

“So when I was doing my design, I was going to make sure I had all the pieces that would allow me to make a really powerful design,” Gina told Mashables.

She had to learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create a design for her desktop.

Gina also had to use some special tools and a special application called Giga Pixels to make her design work.

“The most important part was that I was not using a super powerful desktop,” she said.

Gina said the desktop was her main inspiration for the design, so she decided to stick with it.

“That’s the key to this design, it’s not really an extension.

It’s a really basic design that works well with any computer,” Gina noted.

She used a desktop that was 3.5 inches high and 1.5 feet long.

Gina wanted her design to look like a real butterfly.

“The wallpaper was my way of capturing the butterfly,” Gina admitted.

Gina also found a way to make that desktop feel more like a sculpture.

“If you look at the design and you look closely at it, you’ll see it’s really, really simple,” Gina advised.

“It’s just two triangles,” she added.

The design has a different look to the real thing, Gina said, but the design still has the same basic concept.

“That’s why it’s a butterfly, it has the shape of a butterfly,” she explained.

Ginia said that the design was inspired to make use of the desktop’s power.

“Buttons are awesome,” Gina shared.

“They have the power to do so much more than just look good on a desk,” she concluded.

You can find Gina K’s design here.