How to make your home a bit more functional

I’ve always loved to design, but I never really thought about how it might be used in a house.

And I was surprised to find out how often I needed to go into my home to get things done.

I thought the same about furniture, but furniture is much easier to work with when it’s organised and easy to get rid of.

The same goes for my home.

I have a collection of all kinds of objects, but the ones I use the most tend to be items I own in my own home, such as furniture.

I thought that this might be because the stuff in my home, and the things I’ve bought in the past, are a bit bigger, and I don’t really like having to get them out of my house and out of the house to get stuff done.

So, I thought, how about designing something that fits in and feels good in the room and makes my home a little bit more useful?

And, as I designed my home for myself, I realised that the answer was actually very simple: if you want to make it less complicated, simpler and more comfortable, you can always just make more stuff.

So, I put together this checklist of all the things that I would make into a minimalist house, and made my own minimalist furniture.

It’s been a long journey, but it’s finally come to fruition.

I hope you find it helpful.