‘Dirty Bird’ tattoo designs a hit with tattoo artists

The “Dirty Birds” tattoos by tattoo artist Toni Collette have captured the attention of tattoo enthusiasts across Canada.

Collette’s work is a mix of traditional and modern design elements, and she describes her designs as being in a unique “bird” or “bird of prey” aesthetic.

“I started my career as a tattoo artist, but my focus was to make tattoo designs that I would wear on my body,” said Collette, who is from Calgary, Alberta.

“I was very influenced by traditional artists and what they did.

It’s not just about being a tattooist, but it’s about creating something that is a reflection of the person who is tattooing.”

A tattoo artist in her 20s, Collette said she first started getting tattoo designs in 2013 after she noticed a trend among tattoo artists of using ink on tattoos.

“A lot of the tattoo artists I knew had tattoo designs and they were doing it for a client,” she said.

“A lot was about the tattoo artist having to look great with tattoos.”

A lot more was about looking great with tattoo designs than just tattoos.

I was very inspired by traditional artist and what he did.

— Toni L. Colletta (@ToniCollette) March 11, 2018 “I noticed that it was happening more and more and I decided to take the plunge and create my own designs.”

She began to work with her client and began to see a trend in her own designs, particularly on women’s tattoos.

A lot has changed since she started working in tattoo art, but she said she is very excited about the progress she has made in creating unique tattoos.

She said she has had her clients tell her that they will continue to use her designs after they have tattoos.

As for the work she is doing for clients, she said, it is all about making the clients feel comfortable and at ease.

“The clients are always asking for something to make them feel comfortable, that’s why we are here,” she explained.

“Our clients can tell that we put a lot of thought into our designs, and it really helps to make our clients feel safe and comfortable.”

Collette said her work also helps her clients “look better in the eye.”

“It makes them feel good in the eyes of the client and it’s very important to me that we make them look as good as possible,” she added.

Collette is a tattoo design artist who has worked in the tattoo industry for nearly 20 years.

She is also an avid cyclist and enjoys traveling.