When I wear designer nail polish, my nails look like nails, says author

A week after her post on her personal blog about designer nail polishes, author Sarah Myshak posted a video of herself applying them to her nails.

She didn’t specify what they were, but Mysak said that she used a variety of nail polies, and she wore them all day long.

She described her experience of wearing nail polish as “really liberating.”

She shared that she loved the way she looked when she wore nail polish because her nails felt so natural.

When she had the opportunity to try out nail polish that was more “real” for her, Myshak chose the Nail Studio Collection.

“I think it’s the best way to do that,” Mysakh told Business Insider.

She said that the nail polish looks natural because it’s made of high-quality acrylic and is meant to look natural, which is something that nail polish companies have struggled to do in the past.

The nail polish was a big hit, and the post has been shared over 10,000 times, which Myskh said was “amazing.”

She has since been able to apply it to her nail tips, but she said she still doesn’t know how to do it with a regular nail polish brush.

I’ve been able do it very easily with a nail brush, which has been really helpful, she said.

In a follow-up video to the first post, Mieshak told Business Wire that she also noticed that her nails were getting a little bit longer and thinner.

“I love that,” she said of her nail polish.

But Myshatks experience isn’t the only one to tell about how to wear designer products.

Business Insider reported that more than a dozen women have shared similar stories on their personal blogs, which they describe as “the best nail care tips” that have been given out by fashion brands.

Mysher said that some of the most common questions she was asked about wearing nail products were how long to apply, and how to keep them looking natural.

“When I was applying the polish, the answer was: Apply it in small amounts,” Mieshak said.

“It wasn’t really clear how long you needed to do, but it was really helpful to know how long it was going to take.”

The trend of “natural” products is starting to grow in popularity, with more brands now offering more natural-looking products.

Mieshekh said that it’s not uncommon for women to ask for a “natural-looking” nail polish to help them look their best.

She added that she often asked customers if they wanted a nail polish with a darker shade or if they were looking for a shade that was “less matte.”

She said that her own experience was that she usually went for “more matte” products because she doesn’t think that the formula is “smooth enough” to give the product a natural appearance.

“Sometimes I’d go for a more ‘harsh’ polish because I think the formula might be too matte,” she told Business Wired.

Myshakh told us that she thinks it’s important for designers to give people the choice to wear the products they want and that companies should also be honest about how long they’ll wear the items they offer.

“Designers have to be honest with their customers,” she added.

“They have to say, ‘I’m sorry you’re looking at these products for two weeks, but we don’t know if you like them.

So we can’t guarantee that you’ll be wearing them for six months.'”

Business Insider reached out to a few of the companies that make nail polish and asked if they had a response to Myshekh’s claims.

We reached out, but did not receive a response.

In a statement, Nail Studios said that its “Nail Art Collection is a range of nail art, detailing and polish that is designed to look and feel natural, from basic to stunning.”

It said that “every single one of our products comes from the highest quality materials, and is designed specifically to make your nails feel natural.”

The company also said that all nail art and polishes are free of chemicals, alcohol and parabens.

Business Wire reached out with more questions about nail art to the companies listed above.

We will update this story if we hear back.