Mango-themed Day Designer’s collection for summer 2018

The day designer is back, with a fresh look at Mango and its various elements, from the sky to the water to the earth to the sea.

The collection will be available from March 18th through March 31st, 2019.

Mango has a history of taking on new meanings with its design and its playful use of everyday elements, so this is an opportunity to bring that into the realm of the art form.

The designers also included a variety of other cool things to look at, such as the machete and swordfish, both of which are now available to pre-order.

The Mango collection is available now for pre-orders at and at

Mangere is a collaboration between artist and designer Alex Tamboura, and it is the first of several collaborations between the two.

In 2015, the two collaborated on a collection called The Story of Mango, a collection of art pieces that explore Mango’s story through a variety different media.

For more on the Mango Collection, check out the video below:This collection is the latest in a line of new Mango products.

Previous Mango collections included a collection with a theme called Mango City, which is currently available on Indiegogo.

The other collections were called Mangeres de Mango (Mango, Mango) and Mangeris de Mange (Mangeres, Mange).

In addition to the Mangerees collection, the designer also created a Mango Museum, which has been collecting Mango pieces for over a decade.