Google’s next big thing? Home automation

By By Tom Vilsack, TechNewsWorld.comThe search giant is preparing to launch a home-enabled smart home in the near future.

Google is reportedly planning to debut an intelligent thermostat, an air-conditioning system, and even a home automation platform for its homes in 2018.

According to a report from Reuters, Google’s smart home platform will be called the Google Home, and it will have a similar appearance to the company’s other products.

It will be a product that uses artificial intelligence to determine what is important to you and your family, and to assist you with various tasks, such as choosing which dish to cook and how much to cook.

The Google Home will be able to take commands from other devices, such the smart thermostats, and display them to you in a more intuitive and accessible manner.

Google’s other smart home products include Nest, a smart thertopat, which is connected to your home and can adjust your thermostatic setting; and the Echo Show, which monitors your home’s internal environment and adjusts your home lighting and noise levels.

Google’s Home will also have a built-in camera, which can snap photos, record video, and take notes, according to Reuters.

The Home will not be connected to the internet and is expected to be able, among other things, to read your favorite books, music, and videos on its own, according the report.

The home-focused smart home will be available for $149.99, a $150 price drop from its $199.99 price tag previously.