Why are so many men wearing nail art?

Posted on June 16, 2018 07:17:11Modern house design has become increasingly popular over the past few years and many men have taken to experimenting with new styles and textures, with some wearing nail designs and some experimenting with the new aesthetic style of the ‘post-modern era’.In this article, we explore […]

Sandal design spaces are coming to Adelaide

News24.com.au/sandal-design-spaces-are-coming-to-adelaide-article-9e3e6d5b-d9f3-48a1-8b9a-7e0b4e5bdda7-designs.html article Designed by design house Inshane, the Design Spaces are designed to provide a space that is not only stylish but functional.Located in the city’s west end, the spaces are designed around an iconic Adelaide skyline.Designed by designer Jodi Karp, the design spaces include a cafe and lounge area […]