Short nail designs for men

Mens designers have long been obsessed with the shape of their nails.But new designs from Michel Design are a bit more contemporary, using a different method of shaping each nail.They’re available for men, and they’re called Short Nail Design.

How to get the best wedding dresses from Moma

When it comes to wedding dresses, Moma is the brand for you.Whether you’re looking for a romantic wedding dress or a simple one-piece, there’s something for everyone.Here are 10 ways you can get your wedding dress design made at Moma.1.Pick a size.There are three sizes: S, M, L. For an […]

How to nail nail designs with nail polishes

Nail polishes are the answer to everything from manicures and manicures alone to manicures in a pinch, according to Dr. Michele Ferruzzi, a certified nail technician.Ferrulli, who has been practicing nail care for the past 20 years, shared a video showing her methods and tips on how to nail designs […]