How to design a closet by design

This week’s design challenge was to create a closet using the most basic design elements, and then add a twist by adding a few layers of color.The goal?To show off your design and inspire others to look at your closet and come up with their own ideas.Step 1: Start with […]

How to hire a designer for a $100,000 home

More The NFL is in the midst of a design revolution that includes the reinvention of the home.The league is now building its own interior design teams and making interior design contracts with architects and designers to design the home’s interior.The NFL has partnered with some of the biggest names […]

How to create your own bespoke baby crossbody bag

By design.How to build your own baby cross body bag.Designers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and there’s now a thriving market for bespoke designer baby cross bodies.But what exactly is a bespoke crossbody?The terms crossbody and bespoke are both used interchangeably, and the two are sometimes confused.The word […]